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Masterclass Topics

  • 35 Lectures (7+ hours in total)
  • All about the Digital FPV system
  • Different Drone Types (Cinewoop - Cinelifters X8)
  • FPV Simulators
  • Technical Components (FC, ESC, Motors, GPS, Props, Batteries)
  • Long Range Setup & Tips
  • Different Stabilization Softwares (RSGo, Gyroflow, SteadXP)
  • Betaflight Configuration (Setup, OSD, etc.)
  • Advanced Tuning (Filters & PIDs)
  • Controllers
  • Editing Tips & Sound Effects
  • My secrets behind Instagram Reels
  • Colour Grading
  • My Signature Drone (BOB57)
  • 15% exclusive discount on BOB57 and my Signature Luts!
  • 10% on A2 EU license

About Ellis van Jason

"I show you everything you need to know from buying your first FPV drone to the final editing of your amazing FPV shots"